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Early Christmas

Hannah had spent the morning with her sister and her girlfriend, just before they went back to California to comeback to the university. She had took Jake with her, because Sam told her he had to do some things in the morning. That seemed weird for her, but she let it past. She had been feeling so good since she woke up, without the hangover and her body feeling allmost normal, that she took her son and went to spent some time with Charlie and Santana in the little hotel they were staying. When she got there, it was a realy big mess. “Seriously, you two need to hurry or you are going to miss the plane taking care of this mess” Chuckling a little bit, she sat in the bed, with Jake on her lap.

They were joking around for a few minutes, until Santana said she had to do some thing swith the reservation and she and her sister stayed in the room, alone with Jake. He was walking everywhere, still falling every now and then but nothing big. -Goldilocks trated you right in your wedding night, right?- Hannah shocked her head, feeling her cheeks getting red again. “I thought you didn’t want to hear about my heterosexual sex” Chalirle chuckled a little bit, nooding. -I just wanted to make sure that you two had fun. Goldilocks…- Hannah shocked her head. “Don’t call him like that” -Come on Hans, is a nice nickname for my brother in law. Like I was saying, just making sure sis- She smiled a little. “I was really drunk” -You remeber to took the pill right?- For a second, Hannah didn’t understood what she was saying. She went to her baby and took him in her arms, hiding her head in his hair. “Of course I remembered” Oh-oh. Damn. She completely forgot it. Like, completely. In fact, she just remembered the word pill right there, because her sister was teliing her. 

In that moment Santana came back, but Hannah could feel Charlie’s eyes in the back of her neck. Her mind was in blank, and she tried to look normal but she was really out of it. It couldn’t happen. It was… Impossible. Jake was least than one yeard old and it suppoused that her body was still making changes to go back to normal. The pill was just to be sure… Saying goodbye quickly, Hannah took the car and came back home, with Jake in the back of the car. “Okay Hannah, keep your mouth shout and smile for your man” She was not going to tell him anything. If… If she was… Well, that; she wanted to make it special and a surprise, even when she wasn’t sure of how he would react. Maybe he would be mad with her. Once she stopped the car, first taking her cellphone and texting Sam that they were in the first floor, so he could have Jake’s surprise in the door. “Come on little guy, we have a present for you” She took Jake and went up stairs with a smile on her face. 

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